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My name’s Jedediah White. I have over fourteen years experience in developing quality, affordable websites and branding for business large and small – all over the world. I develop custom work online using WordPress® as a Content Management System; enabling each of my websites to be search engine and user friendly while also being easy to maintain and visually appealing.

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My Work

While the following are not nearly all of the projects I’ve worked on over the years, these are the most recent and/or consistent – meaning I update them regularly and maintain their contents:

Selected Web & Logo Design

  • Bethel Coach Tours This website was recently revamped in May of 2014. It features a responsive design and many user-friendly features. Visit the website »

  • Bids-A-Lot The Bids-A-Lot website was revamped in 2014 with a completely new design. It is built on WordPress and has a backend online app developed by a third party. I was responsible for the UI, coding and design. Visit the website »

  • K & I equipos Medicos K &amp I Equipos Medicos had a domain name and were using it for email purposes at the time they contacted me. I delivered them a responsive and unique website to display their products and services. Visit the website »

  • Cuenca English Academy The Cuenca English Academy was getting ready to open in 2013 and knew they would be best-served if they had an online presence. Working together with them, I developed a website that explains who they are and what they offer. Visit the website »

  • High Desert Water High Desert Water has been online for many years, but only some 20+ years after they first established their store did they take it to the web. Their current website is responsive and easy to navigate. Visit the website »

  • Tomalak Tile & Stone The current website for Tomalak Tile & Stone uses an image heavy design – and while it is attractive, it is due for an update to make it faster, available across more devices and easier to maintain. Visit the website »

  • Ec.uador.com This is a personal project of mine; a sort of news site about Ecuador for foreigners who live here and those are interested in living here. It is fully responsive and a breeze to add to from any device. Visit the website »

  • Cotton-Raye The Contton-Raye website was upgraded in 2013 to better showcase their services in a responsive design. It fetters a blog and extensive photo galleries of completed work. Visit the website »

  • Anacapa Pools The Anacapa Pools website features a unique, thin design. It uses WordPress as a CMS and will soon be better-tied into social networks which the client is planning to begin using. Visit the website »

  • Cuenca Today This is a new project of mine which is currently being developed. As my plans come together, I’ll be sure to post a blog post about it. Coming Soon!

My Services

  • Web Design

    I develop custom websites using WordPress® as a Content Management System. All of my websites are hand-coded, unique and responsive so that the same website is visible and useable across various devices.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Each website I develop is packaged with Search Engine Optimization scripting to make optimization per-page a snap. You have complete control over how your content is fetched and displayed.

  • Social Media & Marketing

    Whether you’re looking into using a social media outlet such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or the like, I can help you set it up and get going. Plus, tying in your website ensures that your message is broadcast to social media outlets with ease.

  • Branding

    If you’re business lacks a logo or needs a logo modernized, I can provide you with quality branding which you can in turn use on your website, business cards, automobile decals and the like.

  • Copywriting

    Sometimes finding the right words to sell your products or services can be difficult. Whether you need someone to write up descriptive text or simply to give you a push in the right direction, well-written copy is where it’s at.

About Me

What’s your name? Jedediah White
How did your childhood prepare you for your job today? I spent lots of time outdoors, exploring, using my imagination and creating things from the world around me.
What job would you be doing if not the one you have now? Official taster of delicious cakes and coffees and official tester of new exercise equipment – ya know, to balance things out.
Describe your first car: It was a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. It was white with a sort of red decal going up the sides. It was always problematical, but taught me how to drive under trying conditions.
Do you have hidden talents most people don’t know about? I can play a phat break on the drums.
What’s the most unusual item in your desk drawer? A bottle of Chilean Merlot from 2008.
What’s your guilty pleasure? Watching movies late into the night.
What’s on your bucket list? To take my wife and kids to Europe for a long holiday.
Idea Source: Entrepreneur

Available for Work

If you’re looking for a team member to add to your roster, I’m available and looking! I’m looking for a job that allows me to work from my location – Cuenca, Ecuador. Here’s my skill set and work overview. I’m also available for anything that falls within my services; for personal, freelance work. Please contact me to get started today!

"Jed is an excellent web designer (especially in WordPress), he’s innovative, he keeps up with the latest technology and add-on’s and gadgets — and not only is he good at what he does, but he likes what he does."

- Rocky Scrimshire – June 29, 2014

My Blog

I don’t get to write very often, but when I do, it’s usually something related to working on the web, tech-related, coffee-related or just a bit of rambling about everyday life. If any of this interests you – perhaps you’d be interested in reading my latest entries?

  • A Post About Music
  • While many of my friends took up photography or showed more interest in fixing up cars or even hobbies as simple as braiding friendship bracelets – I chose a different path for my past time; I would shut myself in my room, take out my four-track recorder, a broken keyboard I’d bought from a second-hand store […]

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  • Have a Drink
  • Established in 1978, High Desert Water in Alamogordo, New Mexico has been providing the highest quality drinking water and water purification services/equipment to Alamogordo residents and surrounding areas. They’ve been online since 2000, and while I’ve had the privilege of designing and developing their website over the years, I recently sat down and looked over […]

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  • Add WordPress Pages Anywhere On Your Site [Snippet]
  • First of all, if you haven’t noticed, the site is now live. Yep. I finally got around to doing it and I welcome you to give it a quick look through. In fact, looking through it quickly should be a simple task thanks to the following snippet, which I’ve put into use on this very […]

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My Personal Inspiration Feed

Here's some of the current articles I'm reading to stay fresh and up-to-date in web development and design.

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