The myth. The Legend

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Jedediah White. About the same time I started using the internet, I also started developing for it. Shortly after graduating high school, I got an entry-level job at a small business three hours from my hometown of Silver City, New Mexico where I began learning on a Microsoft Windows-based machine to code for the web. Since then (besides having switched to a Mac and better software), I’ve spent my time working and learning simultaneously for all things web-related. The truth is, the web is always evolving, and it’s good sense to evolve with it as much as possible. That being said, there are certain things that remain dependable and useful to this day such as WordPress, PHP and Javascript – three tools which I use everyday to develop unique, responsive website for clients near and far. Apart from that, I also enjoy creating logos, doodling, playing the occasional video game and creating music. Being a father of two boys however (in a foreign country no less), leaves little time for those kinds of things. All work and some play, makes Jed a happy boy!